Victor Kipiani spoke at the round table discussions organized by the French Institute of Georgia

09-11-2023 17:20:45 Politic ,Advertisement

At the invitation of the French Institute of Georgia, Victor Kipiani, Chairman of Geocase, has presented at the Autumn School round table discussions on "The Caucasus: A Land of Exile and Migrations in the Context of Contemporary War(s)," organized by l’UFG.

According to Geocase, the students including master's and doctoral candidates from universities of France, Germany, and Belgium as well as esteemed scholars attended the event to discuss the impact of the Ukraine invasion and other conflicts in the Caucasus region. During his presentation, Victor Kipiani delved into the reasons behind migration from Russia to Georgia, exploring societal patterns in Russia and related trends.

"He also discussed the Georgian legal regime and existing practices concerning migration, highlighting the economic implications and potential risks associated with unmanaged migration, particularly in the context of ongoing processes in the region. The round table provided comprehensive insights and valuable perspectives to the Autumn School discussions on the complex challenges facing the Caucasus region," Geocase said.


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