Farkas on Foreign Agents Law: I would imagine that sanctions are absolutely coming if Georgia passes such legislation

10-04-2024 10:40:35 Politic

Executive director of the McCain Institute at Arizona State University, Evelyn Farkas on Wednesday didn't rule out the possibility of the U.S. imposing sanctions on Georgia.

During the press briefing on April 8, Matthew Miller, Spokesperson for the United States Department of State once again reacted to the reintroduction of the Foreign Agents law by the ruling Georgian Dream party in Georgia, saying that “right now we are making clear that we are concerned with this draft legislation. With respect to what we might do if it moves forward, stay tuned.”

"I would imagine that sanctions are absolutely coming if the Republic of Georgia passes such legislation. In any event, Georgia has been in violation of sanctions on Russia and so within that context, I can well imagine that the US government has already been considering applying sanctions against those providing funding and material to support Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine (And for that matter, Georgia)," Evelyn Farkas told the Accent.

"This would only provide an impetus for a quick decision." she added.


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