Issue of construction of a road connecting Georgia with Russia’s Chechnya republic is raised again in Chechnya

28-11-2022 11:12:21 Caucasus

The issue of construction of a road connecting Georgia with Russia’s Chechnya republic is raised again in Chechnya. According to the state agency "Грозный-информ", "the new highway will contribute to the establishment of friendly, mutually beneficial relations between different regions and countries, and at the same time, increase the flow of tourists in the region."

"The construction of the road from the Republic of Chechnya to Georgia has an important future perspective. It can ensure the establishment of socio-economic, political and cultural ties with the Republic of Georgia, the strengthening and expansion of relations with the Chechen diaspora of Georgia, and at the same time, the economy of the time needed to cover the distance between the two neighboring regions." , - the head of Itum-Kale district, Ibragim Bursagov told the agency.

Another respondent of "Грозный-информ" - Russian expert Yevgeny Zolkin says that this road "will improve trade and economic relations between Russia and Georgia, create an opportunity to solve logistical problems and reduce the time of cargo delivery both in Georgia and Transcaucasia."

"The Itum-Kale-Shatili road will help both the region and Russia as a whole, it will give a powerful impetus to socio-economic development. The final decision on its reconstruction and implementation will depend on the agreement between the leaders of Russia and Georgia," he added.

The implementation of the project was already supported by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Tbilisi has repeatedly stated that the issue of construction of this road was never on the agenda for the Georgian side.

"Georgia has never considered and will not consider construction of a road connecting Georgia with Russia’s Chechnya republic," the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure said on March 17.

The 45 km Itum-Kale-Shatili road was constructed at the end of the 1990s. During the war, it was significantly damaged by bombings.


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